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Knowing China: Advanced Research Project at BFSU

Veranstaltungszeitraum: 20.08. – 01.09.2017

Bewerbungsfrist: bis zum 19.05.2017

1. About the Project

With the rising of China and Chinese culture exerting greater importance in the world, knowing China has become the spotlight of the international society. Beijing Foreign Studies University is distinguished for its high reputation in foreign languages and cultural research. With cross-disciplinary and internationalized perspectives, the Project opens lectures and seminars on China’s history, culture, language, art and many other aspects of contemporary China, including politics, economics, society, foreign affairs, education,law etc., which creates more opportunities for participants to get in contact with varied Chinese groups and changing Chinese society, to learn about the profound Chinese culture.
Hosted by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), the Advanced Research Project of Knowing China is a cultural exchange program with the Office of Confucius Institutes (BFSU), the Overseas Students Affairs Office (BFSU), and the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press as organizers.

2. 2017 Syllabus Design

2017 Project is designed by the Office of Confucius Institutes and the Law School at BFSU, which focuses on Chinese Law. All courses will be given in English by combining theory and practice. The project aims to provide a full view of exploring and knowing China, esp. Chinese legal traditions and the Chinese legal system. Visits to a Chinese law firm and to the Supreme Court of Justice of the PRC are also arranged. Besides, the high-quality courses are complemented with academic communications, multi-level cultural participation and dialogues with legal practitioners and talents.
Please see the attached schedule.

3. Recruitment

All non-Chinese university students who love Chinese culture in healthy condition are welcome. Priority goes to the students with a good master of Chinese language and/or legal background.

4. Limit of Time and Student Number

The research project lasts two weeks, with academic courses arranged in weekday mornings and practical courses weekday afternoon and weekends. The student number for each project is 20 or so.

5. Application materials

1)Fill in the application Form of Knowing China: BFSU Advanced Research Project
2) Personal statement with approximately 1000 words in English, introducing education background, working experience, academic achievements and study plan etc.
3) Attachment with published essay bibliography and abstract, and other materials that can prove one’s research ability.
4) A copy of passport.

6. Research Expenses

1) A Payment on one’s own: international travel expenses and registration fee of 400RMB per person.
2) Other expenses will be sponsored by scholarship of Confucius Institute.

7. Medical Care

Group insurance will be provided by BFSU for all the participants of research project, including accident insurance, hospitalization insurance except clinic fee and physical or mental illness caught before the registration.

8. Administration

This project is jointly organized by the Office of Confucius Institutes, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and the Foreign Students Affair Office in BFSU. The Office of Confucius Institutes is responsible for recruitment, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press for teaching arrangements (including syllabus and practical activities etc.) and participants daily administration, while Foreign Students Affair Office for registration evaluation and accommodation arrangement.

9. Contact:

Office of Confucius Institute, BFSU
Zhu Qi
Tel: 0086-10-88815676
Fax: 0086-10-88815538
Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Chang Bingyu
Tel: 0086-10-88819893
Fax: 0086-10-88819416


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