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Reforms in Higher Education in China:
A Historical Perspective

von Liao Meizhen

-> Vortragssprache ist Englisch

am Montag, 27. November 2017, 17:00 Uhr
im Konfuzius-Institut Düsseldorf, Graf-Adolf-Str. 63, 40210 Düsseldorf

In this talk, Liao Meizhen will speak on the history of education reforms in China since the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. He will focus on the trends and goals of the reforms since 1979 when China began to practice the policy of opening to the outside world. By introducing the developments in the course of reforms during the last decades, he will provide a better understanding of the present state of the field of higher education in China.

Liao Meizhen is currently professor of linguistics of the School of Foreign Languages, Central China Normal University. His academic interests include forensic linguistics, pragmatics and discourse metaphor. His representative publications include “Metaphor as a Textual Strategy in English”, Text, 19-2, 1999; “A Study of Interruption in Chinese Criminal Courtroom Discourse”, Text & Talk, 29-2, 2009; A Study of Courtroom Questions, Responses and their Interaction, Law Press, Beijing, 2003; “The Goal-driven Principle of and Communication”, Journal of Foreign Languages, 2009 (4&6); and “Courtroom Discourse in China”, Handbook of Language and Law, Oxford University Press. 2012.

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