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Sommercamps für Schüler und Studenten

BFSU Summer Camp 2023 (18.-31.07.2023) --- Deadline for sign-up: 29.05.2023

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Beijing is full of vitality and enthusiasm in July, with flowers blooming and birds singing. In 2023, "You and Me, in Beijing" BFSU Summer Camp will continue to accompany young friends from all over the world to learn Chinese, experience Beijing, and enjoy a fantastic journey of language and culture. Participants will bring joy and laughter to the summer campus of BFSU and leave with fond memories of Beijing!

As always, "You and Me, in Beijing" BFSU Summer Camp 2023 has positioned itself as an international platform for cultural exchange. It aims to combine education with entertainment and allows participants to get close to China and talk with the world. Besides learning Chinese language, participants get to appreciate traditional-and-modern Beijing, taste traditional Chinese cuisine, experience Chinese culture and art, and chat about dreams with friends from all over the world in Chinese through interactive programs like Meet-and-greet, Culture Corner, Cultural Tour, Chinese Family Visit, etc.. This summer camp is about cultural communication, mutual learning and friendship. We look forward to ushering in a new chapter of “You and Me, in Beijing” together with all participants.

Activity details are as follows:

Time and Location
July 18th-31st, 2023, Beijing, China

Chinese learning and practice, Chinese talent experience, places of interest visits, art appreciation, cultural exchanges, family visits, Chinese and foreign students’ get-together.

- Various Chinese language courses for students at different language levels to better understand Chinese language and culture
- Non-linguistic cultural exchange activities to promote multicultural integration
- Classic Beijing cultural tours to appreciate the history and modernity of China

Chaperon and Life management
- 1-2 chaperons and 1 language assistant for each team to take care of team members
- Full-time security and dormitory supervisors to ensure the safety of the campsite
- Meals that meet national food safety standards
- Buses and accompanied tour guides, school doctors and staff members

An estimated 100-120 participants and 5-10 chaperons

Chinese and English (Our language service covers French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Korean, Bulgarian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Albanian, etc.)

The project will bear the expenses of accommodation, transportation and insurance (only travel accident insurance within China. It is recommended that the participants purchase travel insurance covering the whole process in their own country), Chinese language courses, and tours for camp participants and chaperons during their stay in Beijing. The project also offers transportation to and from Beijing international airports on the day of arrival and departure.

1. Qualifications for camp students: basic physiological and psychological competence for participating in overseas summer camps; abiding by disciplines and rules of the summer camp; signing the summer camp participation statement; foreign students from recognized overseas public and private universities, secondary schools and relative educational institutions who have passed HSK2/YCT3 or above examination; non-Chinese nationality and non-Chinese native language; having not participated in the “Chinese Bridge” offline summer camp for foreign students within three years; at least 15 years old.

2. Qualifications for chaperons: passion for education, affinity, sense of responsibility, communication skills, strong adaptability to new environment; good health, suitable for international travel; experienced in managing students and overseas study tours; being proactive and responsible, not leaving the camp without permission; signing the summer camp participation statement; proficient in both Chinese and native language of the team; available to keep contact with BFSU one month before the commencement of the event through WeChat; in charge of organizing and rehearsing the performance/activity of the team.

3. Selection: each CI will select and recommend 15-25 students and 1-2 chaperons through interviews.

4. Preparation: each CI team needs to prepare 1-2 performances for the Closing Ceremony Get-together, and 1-2 demo-projects/interactive performances for Culture Corner to show some characteristics of their home countries. 【Costumes and props needed in all activities shall be prepared by the team members themselves, and please make sure to inform the project team of your special requirement in writing one month in advance if any.】

Sign-up Procedure
Please send us the following things via e-mail to sommercamp[at]konfuzius-duesseldorf.de:
- Required_Information.xls
- Certificate of Enrollment (for school / university)
- HSK 2 / YCT 3 Certificate
- Sommercamp_2023_Hinweise_zum_Umgang_mit_persoenlichen_Daten_KID.pdf



July 18 (Tuesday)Arrival
All-day check-in
Registration and rehearsal of closing ceremony performances
July 19 (Wednesday)Meet-and-Greet (ice-breaking activity)
Opening ceremony
July 20 (Thursday)Chinese language course
Cultural experience class: traditional Chinese painting/paper-cut/martial arts
Language tutoring course
July 21 (Friday)Cultural lectures: Chinese Food Culture
Cultural tour: the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City
July 22 (Saturday)Chinese language course
Cultural corner
July 23 (Sunday)Chinese family visit
July 24 (Monday)Chinese language course
Cultural experience class: traditional Chinese painting/paper-cut/martial arts
Language tutoring course
July 25 (Tuesday)Cultural tour: the Great Wall
Visit to Center for Language Education and Cooperation
July 26 (Wednesday)Chinese language course
International youth forums (cultural exchange)
July 27 (Thursday)Cultural lectures: Chinese Society and Etiquette Culture
Cultural tour: the Summer Palace
July 28 (Friday)Chinese language course
Cultural experience class: traditional Chinese painting/paper-cut/martial arts
Cultural performance: Peking Opera and Dragon dance
July 29 (Saturday)Cultural tour: the Temple of Heaven
Shopping: Xiushui Street (Silk Market)
July 30 (Sunday)Chinese language course (poster making)
Closing ceremony performances rehearsal
Closing ceremony
July 31 (Monday)Departure

Note: The timetable is subject to change depending on the real conditions.